July 23, 2017

Worthwhile Free Course From IBM on Big Data

IBM Learning Lab offers many free courses for technology professionals, but Big Data 101 is something even many experienced data professionals could find great takeaways from. With this course you get answers to fundamental questions such as: What is Big Data? How do we tackle Big Data? Why are we interested in it? What is a Big Data platform? Not only is this course great for database experts, I also recommend the course to every professional that utilizes large datasets in their decision making process.

“Despite the offering of several analytics courses, which may make more sense for my role as Social Business Manager, I wanted to instead have a deep understanding of the concept behind analytics,” noted Mary Reisert, Social Business Manager for IBM Watson. “What analyzes this data? What type of data is analyzed? For that reason, I decided to take the course. If I have a better understanding of the data behind analytics, it allows me to better understand the performance of social channels, which enables me to make the correct decisions to improve them.”

The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete and can be done at your own pace. Each lesson is based on a video briefing by the Professor, Glen Mules, a Data Scientist who retired from IBM Analytics in 2015. Reisert explains how the class works:

With each lesson, you are given a series of videos to watch to understand that lesson’s particular topic. You can think of it as sitting in a lecture hall with your professor briefing the class on that day’s lesson.
After completing the video for each portion of the lesson, you have the opportunity to brush up on what you learned from the instructor by completing a set of review questions. These questions are simply in place to help prepare you for the final exam at the end of the course.

Once I got the hang of the lessons and review questions, just like in college, I was ready for the final exam. What is the difference between review questions and the final exam? With review questions, you have as much time as you want to answer the question. On the final exam you are timed. You have approximately one hour to complete.

Upon completion of the course and passing the final exam you are presented with a downloadable certificate saying you completed the course as well as an IBM Big Data Foundations Badge that you can put on LinkedIn, your website and on your email signature.

Rich Ord
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